WiLG Learning Spaces is the monthly meeting for WiLG tribe members, where members learn, share, connect and network. Speakers are invited for learning sessions. Tribe members also have the opportunity to train or share their skills through the WiLG skill and share initiative. 

WiLG Learning Space Objectives 

  1. To drive the continuous learning of tribe members;
  2. To create an avenue for members to take part in the WiLG Skills and Share initiative;
  3. Building a sense of community and belonging between members; and
  4. To expand and build the WiLG tribe. 

WLS Model

The WLS will use the sessions model.

  1. Speaker Sessions 

Speakers will be invited to speak on various topical areas relating to focus areas. These sessions will last for an hour including questions and answer sessions.

  1. Skill and Share 

WiLG tribe members have the opportunity to learn new skills as well as share skills. 

  1. Bonding Sessions 

Bonding sessions are safe spaces created for members to bond and share challenges and inspirational stories. 

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