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What We Do

  • Human Rights 

WiLG is dedicated to promoting and protecting Human Rights especially the rights of women and children. We are further dedicated to advancing gender equality and advocating against gender-based violence. We are further advocating and promoting access to quality and inclusive education in Nigeria.

  • Advocacy 

WiLG is dedicated to its advocacy for the protection and advancement of human rights especially the rights of women. WiLG further pushes for everyone’s access to economic, social, and political opportunities to actualize their potential.

  • Empowerment and Development 

 WiLG is focused on empowerment and development programs through the organisation of leadership training, mentorship programs, women and youth empowerment programs, and community-based outreaches. 

Volunteer with us

Become part of the WiGL team who are dedicated to making a difference in the world one life at a time. Volunteering is a great way to give back and contribute to society. One of our core values is to give back to society and volunteering with us will allow you to make a difference in the world, give back to the community, join a vibrant volunteer community and develop your skills set.

You can get involved with We Ignite Lives for Greatness Nigeria Initiative by joining our vibrant community of volunteers.

Join Us

Volunteer as a mentor

You can volunteer as a mentor for the WiLG mentorship program.

Volunteer as a tutor for the WiGL Academy

You can volunteer as a tutor for the WiGL Academy.

Share your space

You can contribute to the work done at WiGL by sharing your space with the organisation to host their events.


Donate to support our cause. You can contribute to the work done at WiLG by donating to the organization. Every donation you make is immensely appreciated.


Sponsor a child to school

You can get involved with WiLG and sponsor a child to school. The rate of school dropouts and out-of-school children is on the rise and your contribution will do well to reduce the number and send a child to school.

Sponsor an event

You can get involved with WiLG by sponsoring an event.

How Donations Are Used

Donations made to WiLG will be used to carry out the organisation’s projects and
campaigns. A financial report of all monies raised and disbursements will be sent to
all WiLG donors.

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