Projects and Campaigns 

WiLG Projects

1. Project Inspire

Project Inspire is for primary and secondary schools centered on inspiring the future generation. Project Inspire provides mentoring opportunities for primary and secondary school students in Nigeria. It also provides career advice, support, and guidance for students with their career choices. Project Inspire further trains and equips students with soft skills of the 21st century.

2. Entrepreneurship Weekend

Nigeria’s unemployment rate stands at an all-time high of is at 27.1 %, which is the highest this country has seen. The country also has an underemployment rate of 28.6%. There are a lot of young people in the country who are jobless and underemployed.

WiLG through its Entrepreneurship Weekend program is dedicated to raising, empowering, and equipping entrepreneurs with the needed skill set to grow and thrive as entrepreneurs.

It is scheduled on weekends to allow everyone to participate. For each dedicated weekend, we focus on a particular entrepreneurship skill.

    WiLG Academy

    The WiLG Academy is an online learning academy dedicated to educating and empowering youths with skills and life skills. Through the WiLG Academy, WiLG offers training and online mentorship programs for youths. The training programs cover topics on leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Digital Marketing, African Union Agenda 2063, Personal Development, Project Management, and other core development areas. 

    The WiGL Academy seeks to accomplish the following;

    1. To expose youths and women to new trends; 
    2. To equip youths with knowledge and life skills;
    3. The opportunity to learn from experts and professionals in their various fields. 
    4. Focuses on advancing digital literacy.

    WiLG Scholarship Scheme

    Examination Scholarship Scheme
    The WiGL examination scholarship scheme is targeted towards supporting and sponsoring students in schools who lack the finances for examination fees.

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    WiLG Campaigns 

    Consent Campaign

    There exist a lot of misconceptions in regards to sexual consent and this has contributed towards a rise in rape and sexual-based violence especially towards women and girls. One such misconception is when a girl says no she means yes. 


    The WiLG Consent Campaign #NoMeansNo is centered on raising awareness around sexual consent, addressing and correcting the misconception on sexual consent. 

    STOP Campaign

    Over the years there has been a rise in rape cases and sexual gender-based violence (GBV) in Nigeria, especially for young girls and women. The STOP Campaign is an annual 16 days of activism against rape. 

    IPledgetoDEFENDHer Campaign

    WiLG is a youth-led organisation dedicated to promoting and advocating for
    human rights especially the rights of women and girls.
    The #IPledgetoDEFENDHer Campaign is centred on defending and speaking up
    for the rights of women and girls. Daily women and girls experience a lot of
    human rights violations and this campaign is rising advocates and champions who
    pledge to defend and speak up for women’s rights everywhere.

    According to the United Nations, one in three women worldwide experiences
    physical or sexual violence mostly by an intimate partner. Violence against
    women and girls is a human rights violation.
    We all have a role to play because women’s rights are human rights.
    I pledge to always uphold, defend, and speak up for women's and girl's rights.
    I pledge to raise awareness on issues affecting women and girls.
    I pledge to speak up against victim-blaming and shaming.
    I pledge to believe, support and most importantly DO NO HARM to survivors of
    gender-based violence.
    I pledge to educate individuals and communities on women's and girl's rights.
    I pledge to support women's and girl’s participation in leadership and politics.
    I pledge to guide girls to take up careers in Science, technology, engineering, and
    mathematics (STEM).
    I pledge to mentor young girls in my community.
    I pledge to speak up against early and forced marriage.
    I pledge to advocate for gender equity and work towards reducing the gender
    divide and empower women.
    Join our campaign and take the pledge to defend and advocate for women's and
    girl’s rights because Women's rights are human rights.
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    The Girls2Campaign is a comic book series that seeks to educate and empower the girl child on STEM and other career choices. The Comic series is dedicated to inspiring the girl child that she can be anyone she wants to be and not career choice is reserved for me.

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