The WiLG Academy presents the WiLG inhouse training and capacity building initiatives for volunteers as part of its efforts to expand the expertise and knowledge base of volunteers, aimed at positioning volunteers to thrive in today’s economy.

Speaker: Hazel Iwendi, Founder, Eminent Services Consults

Meet our speaker Hazel Iwendi.
Hazel Iwendi graduated with a degree in Demography and Social Statistics with Second Class Upper in 2016. She finished my service in December of 2017 with my NYSC certificate and a state recommendation certificate from Cross River State.
Hazel is passionate about Education, Environment, Mental Health, and Gender Equality. She spends most of her free time volunteering for organizations with a focus on these areas.
She currently works part-time as a Chess Instructor, Social Media Manager, and Social Entrepreneur. She founded Eminent Services Consults in June 2020 to enhance social change in Sub-Saharan Africa by promoting the activities of non-profits and encouraging effective volunteering.
She has been volunteering for Ecobarter; an environment-focused social enterprise since 2018, where she initially started out in the media department before taking on a new role of managing volunteers for various sensitization campaigns in 2020.
She also volunteers as the Volunteer Development Lead for Chess in Slums Africa, an organization that uses chess as a tool to improve the lives of children in the slum.
She volunteered as the Buddy Coordinator and General Secretary at Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI Abuja Chapter), a mental health-based organization for over 3 years before stepping down in June 2021.
She has been involved in disability, boy/girl child advocacy, for the past two years. (DRAC, The idealman Initiative, ROHEF)
She considers herself a humanist. Her goal in life is to make an impact, and at the mention of her name, someone can say I inspired them.

Moderator: Babannan Iliya

Date: August 28, 2021

Time: 8PM – 9PM

Venue: WiLG WhatsApp group